Interior Construction

Absolute Group

Grimes, IA

Employee Workspace 21


Absolute Group wanted a space that increased employee collaboration, innovation, engagement, and productivity, all while remaining flexible and mobile for future office moves.


Pigott worked collaboratively with Studio MELEE to translate the furniture and building design intent into reality. Leadership team interviews were performed to uncover Absolute Group’s desired outcomes for their space and to gain clarity on their furniture needs. Site visits and early collection of space dimensions allowed the Pigott and Falkbuilt staff to speed up the project process and ensure an earlier move-in date. The Pigott/Falkbuilt team worked diligently to lead the way and future-proof the client’s investment knowing this space would only be utilized for a limited time.

Since increased employee collaboration and engagement were paramount to Absolute’s project goal, the Pigott and Falkbuilt design teams kept this in mind throughout the space planning and design process. All workstations, chairs, and ancillary furniture were specially selected to provide employees comfort and flexibility. The use of mobile and multi-functional furniture pieces offered work flexibility within the office, contributing to a setting conducive to greater productivity and collaboration.

Falkbuilt millwork, solid walls, and glass fronts provide a sleek and modern design that is both beautiful and functional. The glass fronts allow for natural light to enter the interior space and provide a sense of transparency amongst team members. The Falkbuilt walls also add a pop of color and provide privacy for necessary sensitive conversations or meetings. Lastly, due to the prefabricated nature of all Falkbuilt products, each wall and millwork solution is inherently moveable, allowing for easy reconfiguration. Falkbuilt solutions can even be moved and reassembled in a completely different space, which appealed to Absolute Group with their bigger office relocation on the horizon.

The project schedule was aggressive and moved quickly, starting with the furniture and wall design process in November 2020. This was a new location for the company, so all trades were able to be on-site and work without disruption from the Absolute Group staff. Falkbuilt’s prefabricated digital component construction allowed for the project to meet the quick move-in deadline of June 2021.

Featured Products:

Knoll K. Task Seating, Knoll Sapper Monitor Arms, Knoll Pixel S Flip-Nest Table, Intermix Conference Table, Magnuson Group Kasvad Planters, Multi Generation Side Chairs, Muuto Fiber Stools. OFS Tangent Lounge Seating

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  • Client Interviews
  • Interior Design
  • Space Planning
  • Installation
  • Project Management
  • Finish Selection
  • Site Visits

Architect: Studio Melee