Drake University

Des Moines, IA

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A cohesive series of learning environments designed to attract, retain, and promote majors in sciences, technology, education, and mathematics.

STEM programs are some of the most sought-after education programs nationally, and graduates of these programs are in high demand professionally. Drake University’s STEM@DRAKE project created a complex for science, technology, education, and mathematics learning through the construction of the new Collier-Scripps Hall and Science Connector Building. While the ‘E’ in STEM typically stands for Engineering, Drake’s ‘E’ stands for Education. This project brought the School of Education from the perimeter of campus to the center, to promote collaboration between departments. Pigott shared Drake’s vision of creating an innovative learning environment for students to thrive, and was proud to be chosen as furniture partner to help see this vision come to life.

Herman Miller’s Living Campus concepts supported the interior design of the facilities, and the Pigott design team met with students, staff, and faculty members to understand unique needs and provide the best design solutions. Class structures within the STEM program vary, including seminars, evening, and weekend classes, which required flexibility and variety of the classroom interiors. Mobile tables in the classrooms allow for quick and easy rearranging, encouraging each class to use the space the way that suits them best, and integrated technology provides ease of sharing and learning. A series of private office layouts were provided to faculty and staff to allow customization, and height-adjustable desks offer comfort and optimal functionality. Lounge areas in corridors provide places for impromptu meeting, adding to a unique mix of learning environments while maximizing space

From the design of the project through the installation, implementation, and move-in, Pigott provided inspired learning environments that will support Drake University’s STEM programs, students, staff, and faculty for years to come.

"My favorite learning space is the glass study rooms between the hallway on the first floor and the curriculum library. I love the white board wall and the TV to plug in, which is great for group work. I also really like that it is right next to the curriculum library because I can easily grab resources, but still have a solitary learning environment to focus." - Drake University School of Education Student
"I personally appreciate the flexibility of the rooms. For example, some classrooms in other buildings might be only good for group work but not lecture work. Whereas in this building, all of the spaces are so versatile that many different classroom formations/setups can be used, even within one class session" - Drake University School of Education Student
“When we started the furniture selection process, I had no idea that we were creating a partnership. Now, as I reflect upon the work involved with furnishing over 90,000 square feet of educational space, I can only be grateful that Drake selected Pigott. Within the last month, we opened two new buildings in the heart of our campus for the first time in 25 years. This was our chance. We had to get it right.”
Drake University Janet McMahill, Ph.D | School of Education Dean