Iowa Association of Realtors

Des Moines, IA

Open workstation with high performance office chair. Adjacent to a breakroom featuring barstools, custom millwork, and embeded technology.


To create a highly functional workplace for employees accompanied by effective training spaces for their expanding membership and staff.


As Iowa Association of Realtors membership levels increased, their need for a highly functional facility grew as well. Pigott partnered with SHYFT Collective to create a workplace that maximized square footage to accommodate for present and future growth within the organization.

By utilizing premanufactured construction, Iowa Association of Realtors’ facility is equipped with flexibility for future growth. In addition to the modularity and mobility that our walls and millwork provide, it also offers flexibility, a customized aesthetic, a competitive price, and to increase the speed of initial construction. This will be important in the future for a fast growing organization such as this.

By providing ample space for meeting, consulting, training, and collaborating along with strategic product solutions, Iowa Association of Realtors’ space offers choice and variety to members and staff on where and how they work, train, and collaborate.

Featured Products:

Lilly Upholstered Lounge Seating, Bella Mesh Back Nesting Chairs, Accord Executive Chair, Wind Linear Seating and Coffee Tables, Popcorn Bar-Height Stool and Side Chair, Exclave Tear Drop Table, Exclave Guitar Pick Table, Canvas Office Landscape Workstations, Everywhere Occasional Tables, Swoop Work Table, Plex Club Chair, Novo Midback Office Chair.

Featured Services:

  • Interior design
  • Finish selection
  • Installation
  • Project Management

Photographer: Ben Easter Photography

Architect: SHYFT Collective

Size: 10,500 sqft