Interior Construction

Johnston Martineau

Des Moines, IA

2020 09 23 Johnston Martineau Law Group of Iowa 72


Johnston Martineau was seeking a full-service, end-to-end partner to bring their vision of a new law office to life. The vision of the new space was to have a Modern-Scandinavian style that would offer a warm welcome to their clients with incorporating natural light throughout the space.


We achieved this goal by using Falkbuilt millwork and solid walls at the reception area offering a warm and sophisticated welcome to the firm's guests. The skylight above the reception space lets natural light stream throughout the building. The reception station shows a mix of laminates that help to add a fresh modern look to the space with the use of the marble, warm wood, and an indigo finish on the back millwork. Falkbuilt glass fronts also offer even more natural light flow through the offices with an added film for privacy.

Featured Products:

Falkbuilt Kai Profile Walls with Falkskin covering

Falkbuilt Millwork

Falkbuilt Single Pivot Doors

“Pigott and Falkbuilt ran the show. Every person involved knew their jobs and did them well. There were no issues whatsoever. I know they were sweating the details, because I never did. I told them the square footage and how many offices and asked what they could do, and they made it all happen. It was painless. The team really took care of me.”
Johnston Martineau Chris Johnston | Founding Partner