St. Kilda Restaurants

Des Moines, IA

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We take pride in leading the way and building lasting relationships with our customers, and working closely with Alex Hall, St. Kilda and Franka Pizzeria owner, is no exception. Partnering with Alex has been both rewarding and fun, as he has found the value and benefits of using quality commercial furniture for his restaurants -– Long-term durability and distinctive aesthetics with professional design and installation services to implement the vision. Our relationship continues as he expands throughout the Des Moines Metro. Franka Pizzeria Clive, St. Kilda Café & Bakery Clive, and St. Kilda Collective have recently opened their doors for the public. We have also completed the St. Kilda Corporate offices.

Don’t just take our word for the value of our partnership – Below is what Alex has to say about his exceptional experiences with Pigott and our furnishings.

“I’ve been in the restaurant industry for 27 years, and during that time, frustration with seating was the norm. I maintain high standards for the entire St. Kilda experience, and part of that experience is the warm, modern design of our restaurants and the comfort of our customers. Prior to working with Pigott, we would purchase off the internet, and it was a nightmare – You don’t know the quality of the chair, nor is there any advice about design, layout, etc. After visiting with Pigott, I made the decision to partner with them for all our seating purchases. The Pigott team helped me think through the performance of commercial-grade furniture, so I could benefit from the good warranties from the manufacturer and local service. They have worked seamlessly with my team, as well as several different architects and contractors throughout multiple projects. I highly recommend Pigott, they have been and will continue to be a vital part of my business.”
St. Kilda Alex Hall | Owner