Interior Construction

Life Care Services

Des Moines, IA

Modern corporate office with modular walls, glass fronts, sliding glass doors, and embedded technology.


To support Life Care Services’ rapidly expanding organization by leveraging modular construction to reduce the time of construction over a multi-floor and multi-phased renovation.


As Life Care Services began the process of renovating and expanding their workspace in downtown Des Moines’ Capital Square, speed, noise, and construction emissions were major consideration to be mindful of as adjacent floors would remain occupied throughout construction. Our pre-manufactured walls solutions come ready for speedy installation with fully finished tiles. Since the product arrives ready for installation, material waste and onsite cutting is reduced, meaning fewer bins on site, significantly quieter installation, and less emissions often found in drywall.

A close partnership with all industry trades, including the project architect, contractor, and MEP, enabled Pigott to propose a comprehensive solution for Life Care Services’ renovation. By utilizing our partners' power, trades were able to utilize a plug-and-play approach to electrical, greatly reducing the amount of time needed for wiring often found in standard construction. Thoughtful project management and communication amongst trades enabled the solution to be delivered and installed in a highly reduced timeframe compared to that of standard construction.

In addition to time savings, the modular system has already supported Life Care Services as renovated spaces have needed expansion. Walls are easily taken down to accommodate for a more open floorplan where needed.

Aesthetically and functionally, Life Care Services took full advantage of the highly customizable solution. Custom millwork, including pass through cabinetry, increases the functionality throughout the space. Integrated monitors and technology provide staff with cutting edge modes of communication and collaboration that can be easily changed to accommodate future technology needs

By leveraging a complete solution for glass fronts, demising walls, millwork, integrated technology and power, Pigott was able to support Life Care Services’ multi-phased project efficiently and effectively to complete the various phases on time while accommodating for future growth.

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Featured Products:

  • Glass walls
  • Solid walls
  • Integrated power
  • Integrated technology
  • Custom millwork

Featured Services:

  • Project management
  • Installation

Architect: SHYFT Collective

Contractor/Developer: Ryan Companies

MEP: Waldinger Corporation